What people have said:

Kate. H
“Ann-Lee pushes just enough to challenge and question, and get right to the heart of the matter, but does it in such a way that it isn’t threatening.”

Deborah. F
“Ann-Lee was fantastic, supportive and exceptionally wonderful therapist during our sessions. Thank you so much!”

Souad. D
“Ann-Lee had all the time for me. I never felt rushed under pressure to stop talking. She gave me very good advice that I put into practice and had really noticeable results. Thank you so much!”

Dr Westland
“Ann-Lee follows her instincts and make connections very well.”

Katherine. G
“I found my experience tough but extremely rewarding and feel I have reached a much healthier and positive place. Thank you Ann-Lee!”

Georgia. C
“A very good experience. Ann-Lee helped me make big life changes and I am a lot happier now!”



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