About me

Ann-Lee Yau – Adv.Dip. Counsellor; Adv.Dip. Hyp/Psych; Dip. Coach; mBACP; GHR Reg; mMHFA Eng.

Coach ~ Counsellor ~ Trainer

I worked in Public Sector for about 17 years; of which 8 years were involved in Staff Training & Development, and over 7 years in the Police Service, always striving towards building empathy and understanding in the workplace. These years of experience paved the foundations for my drive and motivation to help people in a more profound way, leading me to embark on a journey of constant and continued study & training in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, psychology counselling, and life coaching.

I have delivered coaching, leadership & mental health courses to employees in the police service and local council, and have been involved in various projects to improve awareness of mental health issues and safeguarding of vulnerable adults & children in our society.

I also conduct assessments on behalf of a local IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) service to assess suitability prior to a person entering into talking therapies.

In five years of practice, I have been gifted & privileged to help countless people living with varying symptoms of anxiety, depression, and psychosis, people who feel stuck, struggling with life issues, want to progress their career, improve their performance, and/or better manage themselves.a

It is my passion and my goal to help every person that comes through my door find ways to better wellbeing. What matters in mind, matters in body, matters to spirit.


Advance Dip Integrative Counselling – mBACP
Adv Dip Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy – mGHR
Dip. Coach
Master NLP
IEMT Certification
EDMR Certification
2 Day Adult MHFA Instructor
1 Day Adult MH Awareness Instructor
LivingWorks’ safeTALK (Suicide Awareness) Trainer
Award in Education & Training (AET) Level 3 Certified

Professional Bodies:

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